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Jan 9 14

Recently Pocketed: Interesting Links

by Philippe Dame

PocketHere is a round up of great photography related articles, videos and resources I recently came across and Pocketed to read later. I may not have read them all but they all seemed interesting enough to save and share.

The Entrancing and Surreal Self-Portraiture of Kyle Thompson
DL Cade

There are selfies, and then there are self-portraits. Make no mistake, these are two very different things, in the same way that a photograph differentiates itself from a snapshot.

BTS: Spend a Day in the Studio with Pro Photographer Karl Taylor
DL Cade

In our State of the Blog Address, we asked you what you want to see more of on PetaPixel, and one of the suggestions that came up most often was Tutorials, Behind the Scenes videos and other helpful educational content like that. Well, we were listening.

Spend Two Hours Learning from Portrait Master Greg Heisler
DL Cade

Earlier this week, when stumbled across this two-hour presentation by iconic portrait photographer Greg Heisler, it took all the will power we had not to share it with you right away. read more…

Oct 1 13

Recently Pocketed: Interesting Links

by Philippe Dame

PocketHere is a round up of great photography related articles, videos and resources I recently came across and Pocketed to read later. I may not have read them all but they all seemed interesting enough to save and share.

Crafting a Scene With Reflectors

With reflectors being among the most basic of lighting tools in a photographer’s arsenal you would think more people would understand how to use them properly. Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Infrared Mono – Creative Lightroom Episode 9
Gavin Hoey

In this weeks episode of Creative Lightroom I take a deep dive into creating stylish infrared style images in Lightroom. I first made mono infrared images way back in my film days, back then it was a tricky business requiring the film to be loaded in complete darkness.

Damien Lovegrove – Photographer of the Week

In this video, Damien teaches how he utilized continuous light to create the Hollywood style portraiture. To see more from Damien head to his learning resource here or follow him on Twitter.

The Top 5 New Features in Lightroom 5
Serge Ramelli

In this tutorial Serge shows you his 5 preferred features in Lightroom 5: Smart Preview, Upright alignment tool, Radial Filter, Spot removal tool as a healing brush and Visualize spots

The Painful Step-By-Step Challenge of Lighting that BMW 650i
Scott Kelby

Hi Gang: I thought I’d share the painful, behind-the-scenes step-by-step lighting set-up for the BMW 650i I shot a week or so ago at Studio 75 in Seminole, Florida (I shared the final shots on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages). read more…

Sep 18 13

Martin Schoeller on Intimate Portraiture

by Philippe Dame

I’ve highlighted Martin Schoeller a couple times on my blog so I feel compelled to share this well produced and simple segment by National Geographic’s new photography section called Proof (only 3 days old).

Proof is National Geographic’s new online photography experience. It was launched to engage ongoing conversations about photography, art, and journalism. In addition to featuring selections from the magazine and other publications, books, and galleries, this site will offer new avenues for our audience to get a behind-the-scenes look at the National Geographic storytelling process. We view this as a work in progress and welcome feedback as the site evolves.

Click here to watch the video…

PROOF - Photography that bears witness

Introducing Proof by National Geographic

Here’s some additional background about Proof from their inaugural blog post a few days ago…

PROOF   Photography that bears witness

For more than a century, National Geographic has been home to some of the very best photographic storytelling on (and, occasionally, off) the planet. We all know what the Yellow Border represents; we all have our favorite cover; we all remember the wonder of seeing, year after year, amazing photographs from unbelievable places alongside stories of our own communities and neighbors, living extraordinary lives right under our noses.

Indeed, many of us who work at National Geographic grew up with the magazine fueling our desire to explore, tell stories, and pick up a camera. Because of its view that the storyteller, the photographer, must be given the time, tools, and guidance to do their best work, Nat Geo has inspired writers, astronauts, and explorers, as well as photographers, to strive for perfection so that they could tell their own stories within the pages of National Geographic magazine.

Today’s stories, thanks to the Internet, are being told, minute by minute, at an incredible rate. The tools to tell these stories, whether we are talking photos, audio, video, or multimedia, are now so commonplace that almost anyone can be a content creator, sharing their work with the world.

With our new photo blog, Proof, we want to share our experiences and adventures with you—and hope you will share your stories with us.

Proof will offer a real-time look at our storytelling process—everything from how to edit down 60,000 photographs to 12, to which single item a photographer on a four-month assignment can’t live without. Equally important to us is finding more incredible stories that you, our members, have created, and then spreading them around the globe. We want to celebrate, with you, all the possibilities for visual storytelling that this new century offers.

We are launching our blog alongside our 125th anniversary issue on the Power of Photography with the hope that Proof will inspire you, as our editor Chris Johns likes to say, to “tell meaningful stories in unforgettable ways.” Join us on our latest adventure.—Keith Jenkins and Sarah Leen, Directors of Photography

Join the conversation on Twitter at #NatGeoProof.

You can also learn about the people behind Proof.

Sep 15 13

Photo Week: Free 6-day Online Conference by creativeLive

by Philippe Dame


Starting tomorrow, the very cool folks at creativeLive (including co-found Chase Jarvis) are delivering an entirely free online conference they’re calling Photo Week. It’s a mega event for photographers and, again, it’s totally free IF you have time to watch it. There are over 50+ instructors broadcasting on three live channels for 6 days! They make money by selling you anytime access to their content and this entire conference is avaialble for $300.

Dates and Time

This event starts on Monday, September 16th and runs until Saturday, September 21st. Each starts at 9 AM Pacific and runs until about 4 PM. If you’re in the East like me, then it’s noon to 7 PM. They usually re-broadcast a day’s event two more times during the evening and night of the same day so there should be plenty of time to catch a few sessions. You can see the entire schedule online.


The content has been grouped into three tracks that can also be purchased individually for anytime access ($180 each or $300 for all three):

Wedding and Family
Explore the art — and business — of capturing life’s most important moments.

Portrait and Commercial
Learn how to delight commercial and editorial clients with these 20 workshops.

Create What you Love
This series of 19 workshops covers everything you need to know about exploring your passion — whether it’s exploring toy cameras or getting back to the basics.

read more…

Sep 4 13

Adobe Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 Now Available for $10/month

by Philippe Dame

Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 Creative Cloud Subscription Option

Customers who own Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher are eligible for a special Creative Cloud membership that includes Photoshop and Lightroom for just $9.99/month (with an annual commitment). That’s like 75% off as it was previously $20/month for any single Adobe software title.

See the official announcement. If you’re new to this entirely, read the Creative Cloud FAQ.

UPDATE June 18, 2014: Adobe has made this a permanent package and it’s available to everyone now, you don’t need to have a previous license of Adobe Creative Suite. Get it here:

This offer only last until December 31st, 2013 and the package will renew at this lower price in subsequent years (unlike some of their other promotions for Creative Cloud):

For your $10 a month, you will get…

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5.2
  • Free updates and full version upgrades
  • 20 GB of online storage
  • Behance ProSite
  • Access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources

This might be the right package for me as I’ve been waiting to upgrade to Lightroom 5 but have been pondering the Creative Cloud subscription that is typically $50/month. Since I do own an older copy of Photoshop, I have been tempted by the the 40% sale that’s been ongoing since the Creative Cloud launched. That promotion offer is for all of Creative Cloud at $30/month for first year and then $50/month thereafter (purchased annually).

I typically only use Photoshop and Lightroom but sometimes use Illustrator. I’ve also been curious about  Premiere and After Effects (not that I have much time to learn those). For me, $120 a year for a perpetually up-to-date copy of both Photoshop and Lightroom is quite tempting (vs. a one-time upgrade for Lightroom for $80). Over 3 years it would cost me $360 whereas the full cloud offering would run me $1,560 (that includes the 40% discount in the first year). If I change my mind, I can always upgrade later.

Have you bought into Creative Cloud already? Might you now with this new package? Get it here before December 31st, 2013.

Aug 28 13

Possibly The Best Zoom Lens For Your DSLR

by Philippe Dame

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Lens

Sigma recently released an APS-C lens that rivals nearly all other zoom lenses I’ve seen in its range, the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art. I haven’t tried it myself but I’m dying to try it on my Canon EOS 7D to see how it performs given the rave reviews.

UPDATE March 1st, 2014: I bought it today and love it already. I’ll my post review shortly

What’s remarkable about this lens is its extremely large and constant maximum aperture. That small f/1.8 value is fantastic as it means a lot of light gets into the lens AND it continues to do so even as you zoom in.

Most high-end constant aperture lenses are usually expensive and max out at f/2.8 or f/4. To have one that’s relatively affordable and has a constant max aperture of f/1.8 is literally unheard of. The suggested retail is $1160 but the promotional price is $800. At that price, it’s groundbreaking to say the least and it’s a game changer for those without a full-frame sensor camera.

Full-Frame Equivalence

The key thing to understand with this lens is that it’s not for full-frame cameras. The most popular and comparable option for full-frame shooters is a 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens. Since full-frame cameras have inherently shallower depth of field and better performance at higher ISO, having a f/1.8 constant aperture zoom creates a true equivalent for those of us with cropped-sensor cameras. As noted in some early reviews, full-frame shooters still benefit from a slightly broader focal length zoom range with 24-70mm vs. Sigma’s 28.8-56mm equivalent, but this really levels the playing field and does so affordably. I say affordable given Canon’s version of the 24-70mm f/2.8 is a whopping $2300 while Nikon’s “only” at $1900.

CameraStuffReview summarizes this point well a bit more technically:

A picture taken with a 35mm lens on a camera with a full frame sensor, shot at f/2.8 and ISO 200, provides – in terms of depth of field and bokeh – a similar image as shot with the Sigma 18-35mm Art on a APS-C sensor camera with the same shutter speed, f/1.8 and ISO 100. Due to the difference in ISO is also full-frame relationship between cameras, and APS-C cameras wiped away a large part of the difference in signal-to-noise.

read more…

Jun 25 13

Recently Pocketed: Interesting Links

by Philippe Dame

PocketHere is a round up of great photography related articles, videos and resources I recently came across and Pocketed to read later. I may not have read them all but they all seemed interesting enough to save and share.

Photoshop CC: Now the World’s Best Image Editor Is Even More Powerful
Charlie White

Adobe rolled out Photoshop CC in the past week, enhancing the gold standard of image editing applications with powerful new capabilities. Let’s test these intelligent tools folded into the new version, and figure out if it’s worth it to upgrade.

Photography Technique: The Invisible Black Background

Learn a super fast and super easy technique to add a black background into your pictures no matter where you are…indoors or out! In this short video I show…

Fantastic Portrait Photography in Lousy Light: Ep.132: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode, Mark goes to “battle” against harsh light an…

Long Exposure Engagement Photos Shot Under the Starry Night Sky
Michael Zhang

Long exposure photographs of stars and romantic engagement photographs aren’t often found together, but that’s the fusion wedding photography couple Robert Paetz and Felicia Wong have been dabbling with as of late.

New Lightroom 5 Features. Ep 131: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode, Mark explores his 4 favorite features of the… read more…

May 28 13

Inspiration Tuesdays: Martin Schoeller “Identical”

by Philippe Dame

VAUGHAN HANNIGAN represents Julia Fullerton-Batten, Alessandra Petlin, Giles Revell, Martin SchoelleMark Zibert, Kyle Alexander, Braschler_Fischer, Gilles & Cecilie Studio, Floto+Warner and Erik Almas

I already profiled Martin Schoeller a couple years ago but his work is quite interesting to me so I’m featuring him again!

Martin Schoeller is a New York based photographer whose style is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown. His most recognizable work are his portraits, shot with similar lighting, backdrop, and tone. His work appears in The New Yorker, Outside Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, and Vogue.

Schoeller applies his unique style to document identical twins. He succeeds in creating compelling photo sets that engage you to spot the differences. This collection of portraits was featured in a January 2012 National Geographic article entitled “Twins“. Be sure to check out the gallery of portraits linked in the article as they include captions about the people photographed.

Johanna-and-Eva-Gill read more…

May 16 13

Inspiration: Dubai Timelapse

by Philippe Dame


I love to share timelapses and have to re-post this one right away. It’s some amazing work showcasing Dubai, a city that appears more like a 3D fantasy world rendering than actual reality. This piece is by Dima Vazhnik (username “dimid” on Vimeo). Oh, and it was shot on a Canon EOS 7D (my camera).

The short video description is:

This video was filmed during our trip to UAE in January 2013. Visiting all of rooftops in video was totally illegal and made by our own risk, but no fine was payed =)

Canon 7D
Sigma 10-20 mm 3.5
Canon 24-105 mm 4
Sigma 30 mm 1.4
Benro C-257 tripod

Sound: Foreground set – Go with the wind

Dima also has a few other great stills in his Flickr stream

8727256415_6ba8b077fb_k 8727260051_501aeeb96f_k

Apr 30 13

Recently Pocketed: Interesting Links

by Philippe Dame

PocketHere is a round up of great photography related articles, videos and resources I recently came across and Pocketed to read later. I may not have read them all but they all seemed interesting enough to save and share.

The Basics of Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet

Explorer of Light Vincent Laforet explains the basics of time lapse photography in this beautiful series. Travel with him from the rugged canyons of Utah to the Las Vegas Strip, and learn how to make your own unique time lapse movies.

Fstoppers Reviews Digital Photo Retouching: Beauty, Fashion and Portrait Photography E-book

Beauty retouching can be an arduous task in any photographer’s workflow. The amount of detail that can go into retouching a glamor portrait can easily run into several hours. Learning the secrets of the pros can be even more difficult.

Explore Hong Kong’s ‘Vertical Horizon’ in These Reverse-Vertigo Inducing Photos

We’ve seen some pretty crazy, vertigo-inducing rooftopping and skyscraper photography in the past, but French photographer and graphic artist Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze‘s “Vertical Horizon” photo series takes the opposite approach to yield a similar awe-inspiring effect.

Magic Lantern Team Discovers 2K RAW Video Capability on the 5D Mark II and III

In what may very well be the most exciting Magic Lantern development ever, the team has discovered a RAW DNG output in live view on the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. What this means is that, in the near future, 5D Mark II and III owners may be able to record crystal clear 2K RAW video that blows H. read more…