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Double Inspiration Tuesdays: Go Do

by Philippe Dame on August 23rd, 2011

I can’t resist sharing another video today along with its behind the scenes footage. It’s partially Canadian as it stars two Windsor photographers that got a promotional video created about themselves. The producer of the video is Iris and Light of Los Angeles, California. They obviously do great work and pulled out all the stops for this such as hiking camera cranes up a mountain and using a DIY zip line for some aerial shots.

The Canadian photographers featured are Jessica & Brandon Scott of Brandon Scott Photography (@Brandon_Scott). This is how they introduce the video on their blog:

We are SO excited to finally get to share with you our new video we filmed this summer in California! This whole idea started out when we ran across the song Go Do by Jonsi, we instantly knew that was the perfect song for our film. We emailed Iris and Light and told them we loved their work and we’d travel anywhere to shoot this film, just name it! It wasn’t long after that we jumped on a plane and flew out to Nevada, packed our stuff into a tiny car and drove down to June Lake where we met up with them. We spent two days climbing mountains and trees, canoeing and jumping off cliffs into subzero water. Jess and I are all about having fun and not taking ourselves too serious and Iris and Light did a amazing job capturing our vision and making it even that much better! Enjoy!

And here it is, “Go Do

After the jump, the behind the scenes video that shows just how much work goes into these…

If you like that, there’s more by Iris and Light on Vimeo

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    Beautiful.  Perfect Song.

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