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Get a New Canon 580EX II in Canada for $458 (taxes, shipping and duty included)

by Philippe Dame on August 18th, 2011

Canon has been offering some manufacturing discounts in the USA since August 7th and they end on September 3rd. Of greatest interest is the discount on Canon Speedlites. For example, you can save $50 the Canon Speedlite 580EX II – now only US$449.

UPDATE NOV 29, 2011: It seems the regular price has dropped since to US$474 and there’s a new instant savings of $50 until January 7, 2012. New price is $424!

If you shop properly, you can save up to $200 buying online in the US compared to buying the same unit in Canada at your local camera store.

Shopping Online from Canada

For my Canadian readers, it is worth buying in the US from an online store like B&H as they offer fair shipping rates and can pre-calculate tax and duty in the cart. It does, however, make a difference which destination province you select.

For example, it will cost you $36 less to buy the Canon 580EX II if it’s shipped to Quebec instead of Ontario. You are are effectively saving the 8% provincial sales tax difference now that we have HST in Ontario.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Quebec (Updated)

  • Canon 580EX II @ B&H: US$424
  • Tax and Duty: $24.40
  • Shipping: $9.82
  • Total: US$458.22

Ontario (Updated)

  • Canon 580EX II @ B&H: US$424
  • Tax and Duty: $58.33
  • Shipping: $9.82
  • Total: US$492.15

Why Not Shop in Canada You Ask?

Taking the Quebec price above, you will save $115 as compared to the current price at Vistek. They sell the 580EX II for $530+HST = $598.90 (that includes a $50 discount of their own). If you shop at Henry’s they’ll charge you $600+HST or $677.99 — that’s almost $200 saved.

UPDATE Nov 29, 2011: Henry’s has it on sale for CAD$499. That’s still $107 saved.

Time to Buy is Now

To buy these flashes online, please click these affiliate links below (helps me fund this blog)! I personally shop at B&H all the time and have only good things to say about them. It’s a huge outfit so there’s little to no risk. You can return items as well but it will cost you $10 or so to ship it back.

Here’s a link to a full list of all the Canon discounts available until September 3rd:

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