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Using White Balance, White Balance Shift and Picture Styles in Video

by Philippe Dame on September 7th, 2011

The creative filmmakers and photographers at Stillmotion ( have been creating great learning videos for the Canon Digital Learning Center (DLC). Their most recent video is now available on Vimeo but not yet on the Canon site.

The new video covers three important features as it relates to creating a stylized film look right in camera:

  • White Balance
  • White Balance Shift
  • Picture Styles

These features can be equally applied to still photographs so it’s not just for video shooters. Later this month, part two of this video will be out in which they talk about colour treatment in post production. I’ll post it on my blog once I see it.

To watch more videos by Stillmotion, head over to Canon’s gallery of Stillmotion tutorials (good example: “Using a Monopod“) or browse over 200 Stillmotion videos on Vimeo.

Canon has commissioned other producers of learning videos so be sure to browse all learning videos by Canon.

If you’re curious to see what it takes to create serious films with your HDSLR, checkout “EOS HD Video Production Tutorials” by Jem Schofield. Topics include:

  • Understanding and setting frame rates
  • Adjusting shutter speeds
  • Building a camera rig
  • Handheld shooting and shoulder rigs
  • Single and double system sound
  • Understanding and setting custom white balance
  • Using external monitors and portable lighting
  • Building and using a follow focus rig
  • Using prime lenses and zoom lenses
  • Using filters and tripod system choices

With regard to Picture Styles, I saw on the Canon site that they’ve released a new Quick Guide for Picture Styles – might be helpful.

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