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500px Official iPad App Has Arrived

by Philippe Dame on October 19th, 2011

If you follow this blog you probably know already I’m a big fan of 500px (my review). It’s the only location I really share my photos outside of my blogs and Facebook (sorry Flickr). I recently added a link to my photos on the main navigation of this blog.

This past Saturday, this wonderful 500px team out of Toronto released their official 500px iPad app. The screenshot below shows you some of my recent favourites as seen in the new app.

The application looks just as good landscape as it does in portrait orientation and it has the site’s core features for “like”, “add to favourite” and “add comment”.

There’s unfortunately no way to see the EXIF data on the photos if it’s been shared and there’s no notification area for the comments you receive (this is also missing on the main site as they rely solely on email notices). Correction: In the full site, select your name and then “Activites” to see a list of feedback you’ve given and received.

The iPad app is an excellent version 1.0 and I highly recommend you grab it – especially since it’s free.

Here’s a couple more screenshots…

Be sure to connect with me on 500px if you’re a member:

What About the iPhone?

There’s no official 500px iPhone App but I can only guess that one is on its way. In the mean time, check out “ISO 500” by Pulpfingers which is quite good on the phone and just came out this weekend as well.

Here’s a couple screenshots from ISO 500:

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