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Free Webinars Next Week on Photoshop Retouching by Scott Kelby & Co.

by Philippe Dame on November 30th, 2011

Scott Kelby and The Photoshop Guys (Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, RC Concepcion, Pete Collins) are putting on a live webinar series for five straight evenings next week. I assume they’ll be an hour in length but it’s not actually indicated. All the webinars start at 6pm EST from December 5th and 9th, 2011.

To attend or learn more, simply go to:

Here’s what’s going down…

Get ready for a week of live webcasts offering the latest in retouching techniques with Scott Kelby and The Photoshop Guys, plus some special guests. This live series is perfect for Photoshop users, retouchers, designers, and photographers of all skill levels.

#1. Wedding Retouching (Dec 5 @ 6PM EST)

Hosts: Matt Kloskowski & Pete Collins

After a wedding is over, it’s important for a wedding photographer to have a system in place for retouching hundreds of images. Matt and Pete will cover popular retouching techniques that will speed up your workflow and give you great result.

#2. Digital Makeup (Dec 6 @ 6PM EST)

Hosts: Corey Barker & Special Guest: Shelly Giard

Makeup is an important element in portrait photography, but even when correctly applied some retouching is required. In this show, you’ll learn about the benefits of makeup and how to digitally apply makeup to a portrait using Photoshop CS5.

#3. The Next Level of Retouching (Dec 7 @ 6PM EST)

Hosts: Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski

Scott and Matt will show you some of the most popular retouching techniques anybody can do, as well as share tips from their bestselling books – Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It and Photoshop Compositing Secrets.

#4. Live Show – Audience Q&A (Dec 8 @ 6PM EST)

Hosts: The Photoshop Guys (Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, RC Concepcion, Pete Collins)

This is a great opportunity to get some of your retouching questions answered, as the panel takes comments and questions live during this session.

#5. Tips from the Industry (Dec 9 @ 6PM EST)

Hosts: RC Concepcion & Special Guests: Calvin Hollywood & Evangeline Cooper

RC will go over some quick techniques on how to get great results with your studio shoots. We’ll also speak to Calvin Hollywood and Evangeline Cooper, two popular photography and retouching experts, to get additional insights with a European flair.

Let me know if you plan to attend or ultimately attended!

  • Vinh

    Wow, thanks for sharing, Phil.  Any idea if there is a way to record these webinars? 

    • Philippe Dame

      Other than pointing a camera to your computer screen… no. Let me know if you figure it out ;)

      • Vinh

         Found some instructions for PC on how to save streaming webcasts. 

        I will test to see if it works before doing the real thing… definitely don’t want to miss out on these free seminars! :-)

        • Philippe Dame

          Most webcasts use Flash and a player that conceals the source Flash Video stream URL.

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