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500px Plus Plus Plus

by Philippe Dame on April 10th, 2012

My favourite photo sharing community 500px has sweetened its premium offering by improving the service while simultaneously lowering the price of admission. Prior to today the only premium service was their “Awesome” designation for $50/year but a new “Plus” membership was revealed for only $20/year. This price specifically undercuts Flickr’s Pro account that’s $25 annually.

The only thing that “Awesome” gives you above “Plus” is a branded portfolio site at your own domain. With both packages you get unlimited uploads, “sets” to organize your photos, useful statistics and the ability to to sell your photos (i.e. digital downloads and canvas prints).

Perhaps more features will be added to the “Awesome” membership in time to make the 2.5x premium more worthwhile! They might have kept it, for now, to keep us existing premium members happy.

New “Sets”

If you use Flickr then this feature is not at all new of course. It’s the simple concept of grouping your photos into logical sets so you break away from a strick timeline view. This is a welcome addition for sure. As with other areas of 500px, they’ve created a visually compelling way to present this common concept.

Sets are as easy to create and manage as it mimics the recently revised Portfolio feature (all found in the “Organizer”). You create a named set and drag photos into it. You can then re-arrange the order of the photos via drag and drop. It’s all pretty quick and painless. The only downside of their interface is you can’t easily tell what’s NOT in a set to ensure you didn’t leave anything out. Perhaps they’ll fix that in time.

You can see the sets I’ve just created for myself here:¬†


The other cool feature they’ve just added is a statistis area. The page starts with some charted data about your photo collection (comments, likes, dislikes and favourites plotted on a colourful line graph) followed by some totals. You can then track top friends and followers. Finally, you can see which of your photos are ranking in a given time period as “Top Rated”, “Most Liked”, “Most Commented”, and so on. It’s clean, simple and a great start to some important analytics.

Mac Desktop Uploader

The Next Web reports that 500px is taking in 30,000 photos a day via the manual upload process and about 25% of those are coming from Mac desktops. So rather than cater to 75% of Windows users, they’ve built a Mac desktop uploader! I like these guys more and more. You can pick up the simple uploader in the Mac App Store.

For me it’s not much use as I don’t use 500px as an archive for all my photos. This risks junking up the site a bit. The limit of 10 photos of week for free users is what keeps this site magical in some ways. Please, just upload your best!

Check out their “Apps” page to also learn about their Lightroom plugin and their iPad app.

Join 500px!

If you haven’t done so already, please join 500px and connect with me at 

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