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Back to Basics (Episode 8): Flash Basics

by Philippe Dame on April 5th, 2012

In continuation with my Back to Basics series on DSLR fundamentals, I’ve decided to cover off some flash photography basics. In this eighth episode, I cover:

  • Flash duration
  • Maximum flash sync speed
  • High speed sync
  • TTL flash

Overall, flash photography is a fun and interesting topic. It’s adds a new dimension to your photography while also increasing your overall technical proficiency with DSLR photography.

Like any DSLR feature, you can be on “full auto” or you can try to really understand and master flash to produce both natural and striking images. You’ll also learn the limits of your gear and how to overcome them.

As usual, I hope you enjoy this episode. I really value your feedback so please post a comment if you watched it.

For the best viewing experience, go full screen and select 720p quality.

More Learning

As usual, lots of good videos by Mark Wallace in the Digital Photography 1 on 1 series:

A great blog to follow on the topic of flash photography is one by Niel van Niekerk (Niel vN for short). His blog is called Tangents and I recommend you start on this post about Flash Photography Techniques.

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