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Inspiration Tuesdays: Virtual Lighting Studio

by Philippe Dame on April 17th, 2012

If you’ve gotten as far as using off-camera flash or own studio strobes, you may have wondered what types of effects you can achieve and if it’s worth investing in more lights. Popular Photography recently profiled an interesting web-based virtual lighting tool by Olivier Prat that’s quick and easy to use.

The 3D model upper-body is a bit creepy but it does the job with accuracy. Playing with this tool might inspire you to try out some of these lighting scenarios in real-life.

Here’s one lighting setup I created:

Here’s what I configured to achieve that look…

Which results in this “setup” diagram being automatically generated for you…

It’s definitely worth a try. You can control up to six lights + the ambient lighting. You can compare bare flash, to a ring-light and then to a softbox. I liked seeing how effective it was be add two extra “rim” lights to outline the 3D subjects. I clearly need more flashes ;).

Try it now with a modern browser like Google Chrome at this address:

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