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Inspiration Tuesdays: Peter Hurley’s Headshots

by Philippe Dame on May 8th, 2012

Peter Hurley is New York based photographer famous for his headshots and portraits. He has studios in L.A. and Dallas as well. He started his career as a US Olympic team sailor and found his way into modeling which ultimately led him to get behind the camera.

He’s famous for his headshots and now teaches his techniques in live workshops and now by DVD. You can find lots of useful content online like the video below where he talks about accentuating jawlines (definitely worth watching). This tip alone is worth its weight in gold.

“It’s all about the jaw” (15:22)

Here’s another short video entitled, “What it takes to get a great headshot” (8:33) which is targeted more for people about to pose with him to get a headshot. It’s informative to hear what he tells his prospective clients.

If you really like his work, you might like a much more in-depth event recorded last November at the B&H Event Space and it’s called, “The Basic Headshot” (2 hours)

Peter Hurley’s live 2-day “Headshot Intensive Workshop” will run you $1500 if your super keen…

Nearly two years ago, Peter worked with the guys over at Fstoppers for a video post about Peter’s work which eventually led to DVD produced by Fstoppers.

The 4-hour DVD set is out now and it’s called, “The Art Behind the Headshot” and it retails for US$300…

Peter Hurley’s Lighting Equipment

As for lighting equipment, it’s interesting to me that Peter Hurley has standardized on a continuous lighting system by Kino Flo. He says the the quality it brings to skin texture and its overall smoothness is superior to studio strobes (an aesthetic he likes). He also says it’s less disruptive during a photo session to have continuous lighting instead if light flashes – I believe that.

You can find tons of Kino Flo products for sale at B&H.

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