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Back to Basics (Episode 9): Colour Management

by Philippe Dame on October 1st, 2012

After a long break in my Back to Basics series, I’m back with an very challenging but important core topic: Colour Management.

Some may argue that this topic shouldn’t be be part of a “basics” tutorial series but I argue that if you don’t have a handle on colour, what’s the point of being accurate in all other things you do in DSLR photography? You should at least know the issue of consistent and accurate colour exists and how to solve it if you choose to.

Even if you only shot in black and white colour management is critical. How can you be sure if that the shadow detail you worked on so hard will make it into your final print? You can’t be sure without a solid colour management workflow.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Colour management
  • Colour correction
  • Camera, monitor and printer calibration / profiling

The key take away is that you’re trying to achieve consistent colour across all your devices that manage colour independently:

Consistent, and accurate, colour can only be achieved through an end-to-end colour management workflow:

The most important step you can take right now is to calibrate your monitor. I explain why that is and how that gets done:

As usual, I hope you enjoy this episode. I really value your feedback so please post a comment if you watched it.

For the best viewing experience, go full screen and select 720p quality.

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Here’s links for the products I recommend at the end of the episode:

More Learning

Here’s some additional resources to help you with this challenging topic:

  • cteavin

    I wanted to thank you for creating this series. I’m brand new to photography, bought my camera last week. I’ve been reading books and blogs and watching videos since trying to make sense of my Nikon D7100. You’re explanations crystalized everything I’ve been learning about. Thank you.

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