Any Excuse!

Catherine Le

Any excuse! is the name of this great product from Australia I received during the Christmas holidays that Oprah has been raving about. It’s basically edible wild hibiscus flowers conserved in syrup that you can serve as a garnish in champagne or sparkling wine. Next time you have champagne, make sure you drop one of these in!

The objective of this photo is to capture the details on the individual style branches of the hibiscus flower. I shot this photo this morning at sunrise on my terrasse and used the reflection of the building to minimize flare from the light. I set the focus at the lowest possible on my camera to blur out the building.

Settings: Canon EOS 40D, Macro lens, 1/200 s, f/2.8, ISO: 320. Tripod.

  • Philippe Dame

    Amazing first post Catherine. I love the concept and colours. The reflections in the glass are very pleasing. Overall a very soothing photo.

  • Helen

    Great photo Catherine!

  • Vinh

    Welcome to the club, Catherine! A great post, very simple and elegant.

    My question now is, does it taste as good as it looks? :P

    • Catherine Le

      Hi Vinh, this is false advertising. It looks better than it tastes! You should still get it, the ladies are going to love it ;)

  • Adam

    Hi Catherine! Welcome to the group!!
    Love this picture! Phil said it best when he said it’s really soothing – I totally agree. It reminds me of a promo shot for a spa.

    Looking forward to your future posts!!

  • Aaron Del Duca

    Hey Catherine. Nice work indeed. I can almost hear David Attenborough narrating an undersea voyage leading us to this rare tropical curiosity. Almost looks alive! Can’t wait to see your next post.