Jenny, I got your number…

Dave Wright


It took a great deal of thought to come up with this week’s submission.  I had a whole bunch of ideas but when it came down to it, I decided on this at the zero hour and I am pleased with the result.

The above image is of course an iPhone calling “Jenny” sitting on top of the sheet music from the original Tommy Tutone hit. Apparently the Union City NJ (area code 201) is the last known active instance of this number.

I used my 50 mm lens set up on a tripod with an F2.8 to allow a little more light in from the iPhone.  I also used the on-camera exposure compensation to overcome the wash out from the white paper.  There was some trickery in getting the display on the iPhone to look like it was making a call (during my 30 or so shots).  I called the number once and then used the screen capture feature on the phone to capture the “dialing” screen and then promptly hung up.

  • Vandervelden

    Nice concept! I like the blur on the sheet music…enough to see what it is and to not distract from the main subject. You had mentioned some of your other ideas (i.e.,”number 2″ and “69″) and I’m happy you went with this one!

  • Philippe Dame

    Great job on the concept and execution. Smart to use screen capture feature on the phone too. The heavy blur on the bottom of the phone gives it a real 3D feel.

  • Vinh

    Very creative shot, Dave!

    I like the look you were going for, particularly the subtleness of the sheet music. At first though, it wasn’t quite obvious how it played into shot until after reading the narrative. Perhaps placing the phone near the title may have helped to quickly make the connection.

    The song has creepy, artistic undertone, i.e. wanting to call Jenny late at night for a “good time”. In that respect, even pushing the abilities of the 50mm lens to get a darker, late night look (maybe using candle light?) and shot at a lower angle (as though from a third party perspective). To give it an authentic 80′s look, maybe even swapping the modern iPhone with the digits scribbled on a torn-off scrap piece of paper (as though it came from a bar or something).

    Overall, great work!!!

  • Catherine Le

    Very catchy title! I didn’t know the song Jenny so I went and youtube’d it. And, just realized the phone number on the Iphone is the actual number in the song. Wow! Very cool! Great execution. I like how the piano sheet looks sepia. I like it when a photo tells a story – and this one does.