Haute Couture Zéro

Catherine Le


I don’t know if you guys have seen the Reitmans advertisement on TV – I just love them. The Asian dude cracks me up! He is very convincing as a gay guy.

Here is my own version of Haute Couture 0 vs Simplicity 1 – this week’s theme. We had an amazing time trying on different clothes – accessories – shoes so she would fit the part; the white gloves are actually polishing gloves! My friend was a good sport for agreeing to take these photos on a busy & cold day. It was so much fun! We shot at sunset – the lighting was just perfect.

Model: my good friend Marie-Laure and my son Milo

Location: Old Montreal

Canon EOS 40D Lens EF 50 mm 1:1.8

I created this montage in Picasa  – Some tuning was done to the photos – the usual: increasing the lighting, highlight and shadow.

Simple and casual!

All tangled up! (fashion disaster)

  • Helen

    So creative!!! Love it!

  • http://LearningDSLR.com Philippe Dame

    I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am. From the creativity, concept and execution, it’s all there. You chose the perfect time to shoot and it paid off.

    Your composite image is great but I love the separate images on their own even more.

    Fantastique! You make we want to step it up a notch just to keep up now!

  • Adam

    WOW!! Love it!! I thought at first that you had pulled actual ads and used them in your post :) Amazing use of natural lighting to get an extremely professional look. Well done!!

  • Vinh


    I too thought these were actual ads and wondering where your photo was, LOL. Great job, Catharine!!!

  • http://er247plus.com/ Adam Andy

    Really! Have not any chance to understand about the reality and unreality of this ads. Great job!