Are you guilty of spending way too much time on Facebook while at work?

Catherine Le

YES or NO?

The idea came to mind because I’m sooooo guilty of spending too much time on Facebook at work! Well, it relaxes me between patients – reading the news feed and clicking “LIKE” on everything. Here’s a photo of my beautiful secretary Danielle posing as me. (We have good looking staff too!)

Camera setting: focal length: 10mm, 1/80s, f/2.8, iso200 file format RAW

Post processing: Photoshop. I created a layer where everything was selected but Danielle’s hair & face and the blue rectangle with Facebook in it. On that layer, I applied a motion blur filter to give the illusion that time is passing by (like the post on technology) and to make the photo look “less busy”.

Here’s another shot where I asked Danielle to look at the computer screen while pretending to drill a tooth on my hygienist. I thought it was funny. Of course, I never do this while treating my patients!

Have a good week!

  • Adam

    You do such an amazing job of photographing people to tell a story in a single shot. Again another really creative interpretation of the theme and really well executed.

  • Philippe Dame

     Funny concept Cat. I didn’t even think you’d have an Internet-connected computer in the room with you! LOL.

    Your staff is indeed good looking ;)

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  • Vinh

    weird, someone has hijacked and reposted this in another language?

    • Philippe Dame

      Must be your browser as it’s fine for me

    • Vinh

      I noticed someone had linked to it per the “Recent Comments”.  It’s apparently a Romanian website and they ripped off Catherine’s picture!  Here’s the direct link:

    • Philippe Dame

      LOL, I ran the article through Google Translate and it’s about productivity lost at workplaces thanks to Facebook. I think it’s time for Catherine to get paid for that photograph. I’ll be posting a comment now!

  • Emiel

    Love the picture / concept! Yes I spend too much time on facebook. And yes your assistant is good looking ;-)

    When I saw the picture I was blown away and wondered how you managed to do it…so thanks for the “how to” in your description.