Sunset on the St-Lawrence

Philippe Dame

I took this photo at my family cottage in the 1000 Islands on Thursday. Shot it at 15mm @ 1/13th sec @ f/8 @ ISO 100. The colours were all there but I touched up the vibrancy a bit and used Lightroom’s gradient filter to expose the dark grass in the foreground. I chose this one as I like having something in foreground, middle-ground and background. I also like how the two trees frame the shot.

This is part of a series of photos I took at the same time:

This one which is a “fusion” of four exposures (not an HDR per se but close – created in Photomatix Pro):

  • Adam

    Ah… brings back memories.  Gonna miss that place!

    Great shots to keep it in posterity!

  • Vinh

    A sad chapter for your family, Phil.  You’ve really captured an awesome picture of the area.  It looks almost surreal with the colours.  Amazing. 

    The HDR-effect is amazing too.  Question – did you take one shot and merge different versions of the same pic (with the exposure adjusted in each) or did you take separate pics? 

    The water is super smooth.  Was that natural or done in post? 

    • Philippe Dame

      The HDR one is a composition of a few photos. The smoothness in that one is thanks to the overexposed ones have very long exposures (relatively speaking). The main photo submission is barely retouched.