Philippe Dame

Rather than do something obvious for the “Body Parts” theme, I thought I’d photograph a product with a body part name. This is the Jawbone Bluetooth headset. I’m actually looking to sell this nice piece of technology as both my cars have Bluetooth built-in now. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone… a submission for the 365 and a product shot for selling this item :)

To see how I shot this and got the reflection, see an earlier post I wrote on LearningDSLR.com.

I have to figure out how to get a perfectly white background with the setup but I think I might figure out over time. I might need a third flash to expose the background separately as any more power and I risk overexposing the product.

  • Adam

    Amazing product shot – the reflection really makes a difference!  Great play on this week’s theme.

    As for the background, it may not be perfectly white but it’s pretty close. It looks great!

  • Vinh

    a cheeky interpretation, Phil!  I really like the seamless look and how it creates a floating illusion.  Instead of a third flash, would your Cheetah softbox help in this situation?

    I think the light box is so practical and versatile, perhaps there may be a market to produce them on a commercial scale ?

    • http://LearningDSLR.com Philippe Dame

      I used both my flashes already for this, one on each side. I figure that I need another dedicated to the background if I want total control (i.e. I want to overexpose it by one stop more than the item’s exposure).

      There are product shooting “tents” available out there (soft material, not hard plexiglass like this lamp shade). Since objects don’t move, people usually use continuous lights which are cheaper so having three or four is not a big deal. That said, the kits I see out there only have two lights so there’s probably a way to do it.