Peanut Butter in a Kong


Emily and I were lucky enough to dog-sit this past weekend for Tuan and Melissa (Phil’s brother in-law).  I welcome you to Rajah and she is absolutely adorable!  We loved taking care of her and she was surprisingly such a good puppy.  We miss her already!  :-)

My submission features Rajah being very obedient to my “sit” command and a peanut butter filled Kong just “beyond reach”.  Just looking at her attentive expression is priceless!  Composition was a bit tricky since it was rather mean of me to dangle this toy delectable in front of her while I took several shots… I know, I’m terrible!  To better prepare, I had camera dialed to what I thought would work in the scenario and adjusted accordingly.  It was taken handheld using my 18-135mm lens at aperture priority mode shot at F3.5, 1/40sec shutter, ISO 400 and my 430EX II flash bounced off the ceiling.

The original picture looked too muted so what I did in post was tweak the contrast, shadows, etc.  in lightroom then added a vignetting.  In Photoshop CS5 I applied a  ”vintage” action and then dulled the Kong in a separate layer and boosted overall the vibrancy to give it some more punch (thanks Phil for the tip in your “Keep Out” post).

Finally, here is Rajah enjoying her treat (unedited photo).  She goes bonkers for the stuff.

  • Philippe Dame

    Good submission. Rajah’s expression is so intense! Nice post processing too.

    That said, I’d bite you in the leg if you hid my peanut butter in a rubber toy making me lick it out. Good thing I’m not a dog.

  • Catherine Le

    OMG I love this Vince – so cute! I’m thinking of highjacking it and cropping Rajah out and replacing it with Milo! Great shot and concept

    • Vinh

      Thanks!  As long as a Romanian newpaper doesn’t get it first!  ;-)