Ferrari F430 Spyder

Philippe Dame

Perhaps Catherine will dream up an amazing concept but I’ve fallen back to shooting the obvious. What else screams “aerodynamic”? A Ferrari F430 Spyder of course. Luckily Alf is a willing friend and loves great photos of his pride and joy.

The was taken at the Aviation Museum at dusk on Saturday evening (yes, I love that place). Alf and I had shot some photos of the car in Gatineau Park on Friday but this extra set at the museum created some cool lines and reflections. His friend Andrew wanted to shoot a bunch of cars so I tagged along and snuck in more for myself.

This photo doesn’t show of the car as well as others but it has a certain dynamic element to it that I like. The car nearly appears to be moving and the background is quite simple with the three bands of colour.

It was critical to use a circular polarizer on my lens to control reflections. I wouldn’t shoot cars without one now that I have had this experience. The only post processing I did was to accentuate the cracks in the pavement using Photoshop. I duplicated the photo and used the Soft Light blending mode. I used a layer mask to ensure the effect was only applied to the pavement areas.

My runner-up photo below is quite similar but it has a more green setting. It shows the car off better in some ways (e.g. rear air intake is visible) and I even worked the reflections better with my polarizer (i.e. clearer windshield).

In post, I had also covered up Alf’s license plate to make it more generic. I’m not sure I like it 100% but it was interesting to try. It’s just a rectangle with a linear gradient. I then took the Ferrari horse logo from the back of the car (a shot not shown here) and placed it on the fake plate.

There are lots of cool shots and you can see them on Facebook. Thank you again Alf!

  • Alfred Jay

    Thanks for shooting me Phil!  Love the pics…have a new home screen for my phone too.

  • Vinh

    Wow.  These look like magazine shots, Phil.  If you didn’t have Jay’s license plate, I would have never known this wasn’t a stock photo.  :-)

    Love all the other pics in your collection.  Lucky to get all these willing volunteers with nice cars in one shoot!!!