CF101-B Voodoo (1961-1984)


This week’s theme was mighty challenging.  The first thing that I came to mind for aerodynamic was planes and so I took this pic at the War Museum as part of some sample pics.

The original pic of this CF101-B “Voodoo”  came out quite bland.   Rather than try to mask it, I enhanced the blandness by adding a CS5 Action called “powder” that I had downloaded as part of a package a while ago when discovering such Actions.  As for composition, I thought this angle was best as it shows the engines, wings, tail and logo all in one shot.  The only thing I wish I was capable of doing is the washed out window at the back, but as I shot in jpeg, this was not salvageable.

Here’s the info:

Besides that, here is my failed efforts of capturing something worthwhile at the Aviation Museum.  Everything else inside was closed after work hours and so I took this pic of the only (restoration project) plane I could find outside through a chain link fence.


Anyhow, hope you all are having a good week and looking forward to seeing your interpretations for this week’s theme. :-)

  • Jason

    Nice shot Vinh! I love the angle. Which lens did you use?

    • Vinh

      Thanks Jay.  I used my kit 18-135mm.  Time was limited as I was on unofficial business there and escorted during my tour so this was the one of the few chances to get off a shot.   I would have liked to have spent more time and take shots from other angles. 

  • Philippe Dame

    I like the choice of plane and angle but shooting in a museum is indeed tough. With such a busy ceiling that provides little contrast for you (grey and grey) – what can you do to make it stand out? I might have gone for a detail shot of something on that plane perhaps.

    • Vinh

      Thanks Phil.  The angles were rather limiting and actually had to go up to the second level to get as horizontal as I could.  With the minimal contrast, it was virtually impossible to get a good ”wand” crop for layering purposes.  The only other good angle was from below and should have used that to focus in on just one portion as you suggest, i.e. wings or something.