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Inspired by Phil’s submission as well as watching a ton of tutorials on light painting, I went with light graffiti for this weeks theme, “Lighting Experiment“.

I really wanted to get out and try something new with night photography based on watching the following YouTube video. Definitely worth the watch… 

But ran out of time and had to settle with the quick light painting in my garage. Although it wasn’t a very quick process at all. There was a lot of trial and error with this. But all and all, it was quite enjoyable. I tried a few different things, most of all was writing my name with my headlamp. Now, that in itself proved to be very challenging. You have to write backwards to get this to work. I tend to have some clear printing, but that is not the case when writing backwards…

So after a ton of tries, I gave up and wrote out my name from left to right and then flipped the image horizontally in post production. Speaking of which, I just added a cross process action to give it that blueish tone.

I strongly suggest trying this technique if you haven’t already. You can get very creative with this. All I did was using manual mode on my camera, set the shutter to Bulb and bumping my aperture all the way up to f/22. Then using my wireless remote, I triggered the shutter. Started painting. Then shined the wall behind me to create the silhouette. For this particular shot, it was a total of 42 seconds.

  • Philippe Dame

    Wow, amazing result! Great idea to just flip the final image. I love how your name is a bit hidden in the graffiti style and I also like the sparkling hotspots in a few places (f/22 creates some nice ray effects on those). And finally, good choice on the blueish cross processing and silhouetting. It’s cool that we can see you there.

    • Jason

      Thanks Phil! I think I’m going to get into this technique a bit more. Not sure if you checked out that link, but I really want to try that as well. Maybe I’ll wait for the spring though…

    • Philippe Dame

      Nice video. I’ll feature that on my blog for my next “Inspiration Tuesday” post. I did some flash painting with my flashgun … not sure if you ever saw that post:

    • Jason

      Looks like that was before my time ;)

      I love that! It looks so natural. Hard to believe that there is so much to go into one photo.