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Learning Resources

Great DSLR Learning Resources

Photo by Damien Halleux Photography

Back to Basics by Learning DSLR

  • After consuming a lot of great shared content, it was time to give back – this is my own tutorial series.
  • Video-based animated presentation covering fundamental DSLR concepts
  • For beginners and intermediate amateurs
  • All episodes are listed below but you can see them listed on YouTube and Pinterest

  • EP 01: Focal Length, Angle of View and Crop Factor
  • EP 02: Aperture and Light Stops
  • EP 03: Exposure and Camera Modes
  • EP 04: Colour Temperature, Kelvin Scale and White Balance
  • EP 05: RAW vs. JPEG, Histograms and “Expose to the Right”
  • EP 06: Metering Light, Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation
  • EP 07: Qualities of Light, Hard vs. Soft Light and Light Fall-Off
  • EP 08: Flash Basics (flash duration, sync speed, high speed sync and TTL flash)
  • EP 09: Colour Management (includes device calibration and profiling)

Digital Photography One on One

AdoramaTV has since ended that series but Mark Wallace still produces great videos for them, alongside several other photographers. There are two shows that closely match the orignal:

Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

and Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey (this show includes image post-processing)

Digital Photography School

  • Not actually a school, just a blog
  • Created and run by Darren Rowse (the blogger of bloggers)
  • Tons of guests posts by well known photographers
  • Thousands upon thousands of articles

Tangents: Flash Photography & Exposure Metering

Flash Photogaphy Techniques

  1. Natural looking flash
  2. Flash + ambient light
  3. Dragging the shutter
  4. Bouncing flash
  5. Wireless TTL flash
  6. Flash outdoors
  7. Metering techniques
  8. Flash exposure compensation
  9. More examples
  10. Just ambient light
  11. Which flashgun?
  12. Flash brackets
  13. Flash photography tips
  14. Off camera flash
  15. Video light for photography
  16. Recommended books
  17. Translations

Exposure Metering

  1. Exposure compensation
  2. Metering modes
  3. Variable apertures

B&H Event Space

Here’s some of the free videos from the B&H Event Space and you can look at the upcoming schedule of events.